Our Purpose

“…The purposes of BCF are: to provide teaching for its members and the world on the Biblical truth and way of life, to promote mutual encouragement and support in the Christian life, and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of the world and individuals. It is to reach out into the world, to love and care for all those who are poor and needy in any way, and to be ‘Salt and Light’ in the world…”
(extract from the Statutes of the BCF)

Our fellowship consists of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Swiss people who have lived their whole lives in the area. People from many lands who have made Basel their home through marriage or because of their job. People who are here on long, medium or short-term assignments. Students. Visitors on holiday or business for only a few days. Christians from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions. some have been Christians for very many years, some for a short time. Others are simply searching for something that makes sense and satisfies. Some have come to practise their English and have been blessed in many ways.

Whoever you are, please feel welcome. We will try to make you feel at home within our fellowship and, if you are new to the area, to help you settle in as quickly as possible.

Worship service
Sunday, 10:30am

Mittlere Strasse 13
CH-4056 Basel

Office Tel.: (061) 322 12 11